More Than Just Business

It goes without saying that LX has a very high sense of quality and responsibility, combined with a high level of morality and commercial integrity as well as a passion for service. LX has consistently developed and applied latest technology under strictly quality demands, using the best materials available.

Medical Industry

Obviously, the production of medical implants has to meet high technological and high quality standards. LX Precision manufactures trauma, spine, and dental screws as well as other fixing parts which fulfill the requirements of the ISO 13485:2016 standard and meet 21CFR 820 (FDA) regulation requirements. They are fully traceable and consist of Titanium and Stainless Steel.

Automotive Industry

The production chain of our components for engine management, fuel injection, braking and other systems is as elaborate as its quality management. The use of FMEA, PPAP and SOP procedures enables LX to provide the precision parts for the leading car manufacturers.

Telecom Industry

The production of the most precise parts for radio frequency makes our products simply the precise choice.

Aerospace Industry

Products for lofty heights definitely need solid and precise basis. LX’ products for instrumentation and sensors meet the Aerospace Quality Standard SAE AS9100, are fully traceable and made of titanium, copper and aluminum.