Facts & Figures

100 CNC Machines, Final Cleaning and Packing
Manufacturing in China and Portugal
Quality Management
ISO 13485 : 2016, FDA, IATF16949 : 2016, AS9100-D, ISO 14001 : 2015, ISO 9001 : 2015
World leaders in medical, mobility, aerospace, telecom, industrial application


The LX Precision Group is the perfect combination of quality, tradition and progress. Our innovative company was first established as Lauener China Co., Ltd. In 2001 as a subsidiary of one of Switzerland’s famous high-precision turning companies for the watch and medical industries.

Lauener itself was founded in Switzerland in 1905 – more than a hundred years ago. The origin of the LX Group makes it one of the strongest global Swiss machining companies. Its Swiss origins give it full access to the latest tooling, programming, processing technology, training, and human resources.

The LX Precision Group thus provides its clients with most efficient and optimized high precision and high-quality components.

  1. Lauener was founded in Switzerland and produced its own machines
    Lauener itself was founded in Switzerland
  2. Lauener (China) is established
    Lauener (China) Established
  3. Starting to serve the telecom industry
    Started Into Telecom Industry
  4. Adding the medical trauma implant industry
    Diversified into Medical/Trauma Implant Industry
  5. Developing into the automotive industry
    Diversified into Automobile Industry
  6. Obtained ISO 13485 & IATF 16949 medical and automotive quality certification
    Obtained ISO13485 & IATF 16949
  7. Developing the medical spine implant industry
    Diversified into Medical/Spine Implant Industry
  8. Adding the medical dental implant industry
    Diversified into Medical/Dental Implant Industry
  9. Company name changed to LX Precision Shanghai
    Company name changed to LX Precision (Shanghai)
  10. Obtained AS9100 aerospace quality certification
    Obtained AS9100
  11. Developing into medical cardiac pacemaker industry
    Diversified into Medical/Cardiac Pacemaker Industry
  12. Serving the sports medicine industry
    Diversified into Medical/Sports Medicine Industry
  13. Adding the medical cranial screw industry
    Diversified into Medical/Cranial Screw Industry
  14. Developing the medical trauma and spine plate industry
    Diversified into Medical/Trauma/Spine Plate Industry
  15. Kick off digitalization projects going to industry 4.0
    Kick Off Digitalization Project
  16. Starting supplying the E-Car industry
    Diversified Into E-Car Industry
  17. Developing ophthalmic implants
    Diversified into Ophthalmic Implant Industry
  18. Towards energy sustainability LX produces 25% of its electricity consumption
    Invest Solar Panel System 5720 m²
  19. LX Portugal is established
    LX Portugal Established
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