The Company

History of Precision

LX Precision (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the perfect combination of quality, tradition and progress. Our rather young and innovative company was first established as Lauener (China) Co., Ltd. In 2001, being the subsidiary of one of the world’s famous top quality turning companies. Lauener itself was founded in Switzerland in 1905 – more than a hundred years ago.

Its origin makes LX the Swiss turning contract manufacturing company in China which has an accordingly strong link to the global leader of precision: Switzerland. This means that LX has full access to more advanced and optimized tooling, programming, processing technology, learning and training, as well as human resource.

Precision Applications

LX has constantly extended its markets. From high precision parts for radio frequency connectors to trauma, spine and dental implants and high precision parts for engine management, fuel distribution , braking and other systems, LX constructs hi-end parts for general industrial applications, including aerospace.

Precision Quality

Quality is our passion, not just a standard. LX has been continuously investing into new processes, tooling and machines for higher efficiency, precision and an uncompromisingly high quality. Our company has more than 10 process and tooling patents in China and is certified as ‘State High and New Technology Enterprise’.

Precision Competence

Continuous improvement is one of our pillars of success. Apart from ambitious research and development, LX trains its staff in Switzerland and the US. As Swiss technology is just another word for precision, LX enhances its precision manufacturing capabilities with on-site training and assistance of Swiss experts.

Precision Work

LX is as precise as possible. Our state-of-the-art technologies as well as our dedication enable us to produce parts between 0.1 mm – 50 mm in diameter.